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Woodbridge Little League is dedicated to providing a safe, fun environment for our children. However, accidents will happen during practice and/or games. This page has many resources designed to inform parents and coaches about properly preventing injuries and, in the event one occurs, how to treat and care for the injured. Let's all do our part to create an environment that fosters encouragement and safety. 

The information below is not an exhaustive list and should NEVER replace calling 911 if necessary or consulting a physician. 

Involvement in Little League offers incredibly social, emotional, and physical benefits for children. We know that one of the worst things for them is not being able to play because of an injury. As parents and coaches, there are simple things we can do to help avoid injuries.

  • Bring a water bottle to practice and games. Encourage children to stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during, and after play. 
  • Stretching before practice and games can release muscle tension and help prevent sports-related injuries, such as muscle tears or sprains. Make sure there is time set aside before every practice and game for athletes to properly warm up. 
  • Take time off from one sport to prevent overuse injuries. It is an opportunity to get stronger and develop skills learned in another sport. 

Important Safety Links:

Parents Guide To Child Protection

Pitching Smart

Information on Concussions:

Concussion Training

Concussion in Youth Athletes 

Virginia High School League Concussion Guidance

Virginia Department of Education Concussion Information


Medical Release Form - English, 2023

Medical Release Form - Spanish, 2023

What Parents Should Know - English, 2023

What Parents Should Know - Spanish, 2023

Accident Claim Form Instructions - English, 2023

Accident Claim Form Instructions - Spanish, 2023

General Liability Claim Form 2023

Volunteer Application 2023

(Please complete the Volunteer Application, scan a copy of your driver's license and send both to the Safety Officer.)

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Woodbridge Little League Inc

PO Box 4402 
Woodbridge, Virginia 22194

Phone: 571-260-9730
Email: [email protected]
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